The Message

“The media is the message.” This is concept from a few Founding Fathers of Media, including Roy Williams.

Small business owners become numb when it comes to places to advertise, when to advertise, to whom to advertise, what to advertise and how to advertise.

I buy into the philosophy that the media is the message. This means that with the right and relevant message, it doesn’t matter where you run it. Your story, your message, your truth is the underlying quality of your advertising that your audience will trust. They will run to you or run from you.

This is true if you’re running on Fort Smith roadside Billboards, paid search, social media, streaming video or matchbook covers (thank you Ralph Smith for that last one).

Over the past 35 years of practicing the craft of ad writing, I learned the one simple question to ask yourself as a test as to whether your message will produce a return on your investment or not.